Friday, 17 August 2012

Ben Howard

If you haven't yet listened to Ben Howard your only excuse can be that you have been 'living under a rock for the last few months', this rising British talent is set to crack America along with the likes of Adele and Mumford and Sons. His captivating and sensual voice has drawn similarities to Bon Iver, his debut album 'Every Kingdom' is absolutely fantastic, each song is as incredible as the last. Howard's originality comes from his raw intimate lyrics wrapped around strong melodies and exquisite rhythms. This beautiful combinations of the delicate guitar mixed with Howard's haunting vocals is particularly enticing, particularly when combined with the later inclusion of a cello. Through his music Howard, still only in his early twenties, proves that he has the maturity and definitely the ability of his UK folk predecessors. This album is so incredible that there is no excuse for it not to be on your iPod, I can guarantee that the buzz surrounding Ben Howard will only get bigger, this super talented singer-songwriter isn't going anywhere. I recommend you either listening to his beautiful songs 'Only Love' and 'Keep Your Head Up' both from his debut album 'Every Kingdom'.

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