Monday, 30 July 2012

Joshua Radin

With Joshua Radin's fourth album, Underwater, released today and him being one of my all time favourite singer-songwriters I seized the opportunity to write about this incredible collection of new songs. After two albums that couldn't live up to his first, We Were Here, his musical talent has excelled in Underwater. He's stripped back his music to the basic and raw sound that we all know and love him for. Not only is the collection of lyrics credible, but it is the fantastic musical quality that keeps calling me back for another listen. I have honestly had this album on repeat all day and am yet to become bored of it. The new album is largely compiled of songs to showcase Radin's vocals against his well know gently strummed acoustic guitar to create the relaxing and soothing sound that makes this album unmissable. I really can't recommend the album enough or do it justice, being a huge Radin fan, I may be bias but, this is perhaps one of the best new releases I have heard all year. Listen to if you are a fan of John Mayer, they both share a unique sound and quality of their music. I recommend listening to the title song Underwater...

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Frank Turner

This folk singer from Winchester has been flung into the limelight since his breakthrough opportunity thousands would have killed for, preforming at the London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony. To date, Turner has released four solo albums, which are each equally fantastic, his earthly voice echoing in each of the tracks, giving them his own unique stamp. Turner, as a boy, attended Eton College, where he studied alongside Prince William. This is what makes it so surprising that he has only just got his big break in the music world. His music is well worth listening to, his flowing song-writing talents are a joy to hear, I would definitely recommend buying his albums, especially if your a fan of Mumford and Sons, the similarities are uncanny.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Passion Pit

Whilst Passion Pit aren't a new or scarcely known band, I felt that with the release of their new album yesterday I couldn't miss the opportunity to mention their incredible new album, Gossamer. This is Passion Pit's second full-length release which comes nearly three years after their debut album, Manners. I didn't think that they could live up to the reputation they built for themselves after the incredible single 'Sleepyhead' but this album really has excelled them in my opinion. Michael Angelakos has achieved so much with this album, not only did he write and co-produce all of the songs on this album, but he did this while suffering with his bipolar disorder, having to spend time in a mental hospital over summer. Album opener which is also the single 'Take a Walk' talks about the effects of the recession on America this serious subject is discussed behind impressive synths and a huge chorus that will be stuck in your mind all day. This really describes the whole album, gritty and serious lyrics hidden behind their usual upbeat energetic sound that we all love Passion Pit for. I would definitely recommend buying or listening to the album, they haven't disappointed with this incredible release, it has been well worth the three year wait. I recommend you listening to 'Take a Walk'...

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Lumineers

The Lumineers are an American folk rock band from Denver, Colorado. Their self-titled album was recently released on April 3, 2012, peaking at number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart. The Lumineers have a similar folk sound to Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros and The Head and The Heart, the quality of this band really is undeniable. Their best song by far is their single 'Ho Hey', it sounds on a first listen like a feel-good song, whilst on closer inspection the lyrics reference to a lost love, filled with eternal regret. It is this quality of hiding underlying meanings and multiple layers to their songs that makes The Lumineers so special. Their album is well worth buying and is the best debut album I've heard in years.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Amos Lee

Amos Lee is an American singer-songwriter whose musical style encompasses folk, soul and rock. Born in Philadelphia this astonishing musician worked as a schoolteacher and a bartender before beginning to pursue a career in music. All of his albums, including his fourth most recent album, Mission Bell, are filled with folk and soul with a jazz twist. It is this unique combination that fits Amos Lee in to a before undiscovered and un-entered genre. His voice and music is reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne and David Gray, involving the same soulful voices and heart wrenching lyrics. On some of his songs including his incredible song 'Sweet Pea' his voice and musical ensemble sounds like a perfect combination of Jack Johnson and Bill Withers, which although shouldn't sound right, really does sound amazing. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Steve Appleton

At the tender age of 23 Steve Appleton has certainly achieved a great deal. This Surrey resident's smooth vocals mixed with a touch of drum and base creates an incredible texture to his music that hasn't been created before. Don't get me wrong, Appleton's music still fits into the acoustic/ indie pop genre, the drum and base effects just amplify his voice and add a more upbeat atmosphere to his flawless music. Appleton was the face of the Smart (car) campaign, he appeared in a TV commercial preforming his most credited single 'Dirty Funk'. This is the song of his which I would most recommend you listening to, the real life lyrics gives you as a listener something to relate to while the smooth guitar layers make the song perfect for a summers day. I also recommend listening to Appleton's cover of 'Fast Car' originally by Tracey Chapman. No words can describe how good this cover is, the beautiful harmonies make me believe that this cover could be even better than the already incredible original song. Believe me that comment coming from a huge Chapman fan is praise of the highest form. Listen and see for yourself though.... 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward is a American pop singer-songwriter. He began his career, like many others, on YouTube, posting several covers of existing songs, including covers of Maroon 5 and Katy Perry, as well as singer and writing his own songs.  Even when covering other major artist's songs, he manages to add his own unique twist, his captivating and recognisable voice instantly making the song his own. If you like Joshua Radin or Damien Rice you will love Tyler Ward and should definitely listen to some of his music. I recommend his recent cover of Jason Mraz's 'I Wont Give Up', his version of the song is just as good, if not better, than the original.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Lianne La Havas

If you like Emeli Sande you will love the fresh new sound of Lianne La Havas, she possesses an electrifying voice that has provoked comparisons to Dionne Warwick's. Her debut album has just been released and is definitely a foundation for brilliance, her husky voice provides an amplifier for her raw biographical lyrics. La Havas is someone really worth listening to. For me, her music can be described as nothing short of perfect, La Havas has definitely filled a gap in the market. After touring with both Bon Iver and Paloma Faith La Havas has really been set up to succeed. I recommed listening to her debut single 'Is Your Love Big Enough?'...

Friday, 13 July 2012

Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt has achieved a remarkable amount considering she is only 18 years old. This young singer-songwriter from Scotland has been dubbed as the female version of Ed Sheeran. Her voice is filled with similarities to that of Laura Marling and Kate Nash, however at the same time she manages to be totally unique and idiosyncratic. Her new EP The Apple Tree is absolutely pronominal, it is filled to the brim with emotional and chilling songs, the kind that really transform you into your own little world. I can not recommend Nina Nesbitt enough, there should definitely be a place for her on your iPod. If you ask me she will be the next big thing, with huge chances of echoing the success of Ed Sheeran.