Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Kodaline are a Dublin-based alternative rock quartet who are about to burst into the charts making a big impact. They first attracted attention back in September with the release of their EP 'The Kodaline', whilst they are now beginning to enter peoples radars after the release of their massive single 'High Hopes' their follow up to their previous single 'All I want'. If you are yet to hear any music from Kodaline, think of a combination of Coldplay and Mumford & Sons. These comparisons have been floating around for a while and certainly sets a high bar for this Irish quartet. Kodaline sound perfectly polished without sounding slightly false or smoothed out, and whilst the music is definitely worth listening to, the music videos are just as much of an attraction to the band. Their tear jerking, heartfelt videos are enough to put most big budget music video efforts to shame. The band are definitely worth listening to if you haven't yet. 
Listen to their debut single 'All I Want' here:
Listen to their current single 'High Hopes' here
And find out more about Kodaline here

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